Example Projects


A micro loan engine using machine learning

Micro Loan Fintech Example Making 10.13% using Fintech

In this paper, we outline how we used Machine Learning to developing a Fintech engine that outperforms 99% of the other engines in a real world application.


Machine Learning is extremely good at analyzing complex data with many variables. LEARN MORE





Data Efficient Reinforcement Learning

Self healing robots

PROS: • Control • No tagging data • Sparse rewards
CONS • Sample Inefficient • Big models • Local Optima


Getting Started with Reinforcement Learning

6 Tips for Using Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a new AI technique changing the way we program and develop IoT devices. Among the areas that will benefit tremendously are robots and other devices that require complex system controls. RL algorithms learn to control your system. Tis ability to control the environment opens up a world of new applications in robotics and process control. LEARN MORE